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    Code Levels
    Building Code Levels
    Reduce, Replace, Renew
    You must now Design & Build to use less energy.
    Our Focus on Fabric does this trouble & risk free.
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    Thermal Performance
    Code 4 is the new norm
    Your new BR applications must meet Code 4
    Our Focus on Fabric options makes this easy.
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    Cost Efficiency
    Economy = Efficiency
    Don't risk re-inventing 'Lean-Build' systems
    Let our Focus on Fabric deliver these for you.

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Focus on Fabric


Dimensionally accurate, level and sound foundations are an essential requirement for any off-site pre-fabricated structural envelope.

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Design & Engineering...

Today, designing for cost efficiency requires much, much more than considering the capital cost of a building....

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Renewable Energy

Attainable Sustainability...

To Design & Build in the 21st Century means using sustainable materials, low energy components and much more.

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Wall Panels...

We provide a wide choice of wall types which can be supplied as components, or as part of a full Design & Build....

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We provide Developers, Local Authorities, Community Groups, Architects and Commercial Builders specialist services and off-site construction solutions to build new Schools, Homes, Developments, Multi-party Dwellings, Flats, Student Accommodation and any other project.

With FastFrame kits you will:

Cut 50% off your shell build times
with our factory insulated panels

Choosing us as your structural envelope ‘partner’ opens the door to a large range of skills, significant know how, and a rich body of CE approved sub component suppliers.

Whether you are an architect, house-builder, contractor or other construction professional, we will cast expert eyes over your design – or better still work up the design with you to :-

  • Identify and suggest best practice ways to tackle your CDM obligations and requirements.
    Doing this at the earliest possible stage can lead to significant operational time and other savings.

  • Bring a ‘lean construction’ approach to operational site layout and related organisation.
    For example, having materials in the right place at the right time, while allowing for follow on works, cuts out time lost in double and triple handling. It also eliminates time delays in replacing damaged & spoiled goods and removes many causes of waste.

  • Integrate a ‘fast track’ approach to work programmes for structural shell with other trades.
    Providing for safe ‘multi-trade’ functions can concatenate operations to save many weeks.

  • Increase ‘off-site’ manufacture and building in of sub-assembly items and components.
    The more work that can be done off-site, the quicker on-site completion can be achieved.

  • Reduce on-site hazards and exposure to faults requiring snagging or more severe remedials.
    Controlled factory environments enable many common time-consuming on site difficulties to be eliminated.

Save Time on your project with Fast Frame Timber Frame Kits

Reduce waste, land fill, and build costs
with our 'Lean-Build' Off-Site Modern Methods of Construction

As Chartered Building Consultants we bring more to the table than structural design, engineering, manufacture and build.

By partnering with us for your projects you secure a comprehensive ‘lean build’ approach to construction that can save money for all stakeholders.

Contractors, other construction professionals, developers and building owners, and the wider community all benefit from our commitment to:-

  • be “Considerate Constructors” and good neighbours throughout the works.
    Safe, tidy, clean, ‘well mannered’ operations are indicative of a responsible, accountable lean construction approach to efficient and effective project management.

  • reduce all forms of waste including:-
    • on-site waste
      (historically, traditional construction wastes up to 25% of the materials delivered to site)
    • off-site waste
      intelligent design, controlled ordering, stock holding, handling of raw material, finished components, hazardous goods and recycling all minimise end waste.
    • reduction of soil & waste away, skipping, and landfill
      our early stage consideration of alternative forms of foundation and structural envelope can reduce excavation, costly site variations, unnecessary site works.
    • time and methods interrogation and implementation
      our application of Kaizen and Six Sigma principles to production and build sequencing can deliver significant time and related monetary savings

  • encouraging the application of modular designs using industry standard components
    Most forms of waste have their origins in design, planning and site organisation. Our appreciation and interpretation of this can deliver cost savings for the whole project team,

Save Money with FastFrame Timber Frame Kits

Cut your site prelim and office expenses
with our Fast Track systems

Our approach to Modern Methods of Off-Site Construction recognise the need to be adaptive in the selection of component types and designs and to integrate these with on-site operations which, for many reasons, may utilise more traditional materials and methods for other aspects of the work.

This requires a ‘flexible partnering’ which removes as many buyer/supplier conventions and barriers as possible to create a collaborative team. By enabling duplication of effort and cost to be removed, savings can be made in:-

  • architect, engineer, contractor and specialist supplier office overheads
    Coordination of systems, records and data management can eliminate duplication, reduce access times, and speed up decision making

  • optimising preliminary costs, like mobilisation, set-up, accommodation, storage, scaffold, site equipment, health and safety, and security
    Choosing us as your ‘off-site’ partners can both reduce the need for any of these and the length of time they are required, leading to significant overall savings in total project cost.

Cut Over heads with FastFrame Timber Frame Kits

Improve your Health & Safety Management
with our CDM approach to timber frame & tool box talks

Safety first, second and third are givens when you choose us as your MMC partners.

From our initial CDM (Construction Design & Management) approach to the design of your structural timber frame envelope, Health & Safety concerns are at the forefront of our considerations.

  • Site exposure, size, access, restrictions, and obstructions influence ‘kit’ design
    Recognising that each site requires its own individual characteristics to be addressed is our starting point Panel size, weight, handling and equipment requirements are, for us, part of our CDM assessment

  • Tool Box Talks are included as part of our supply package
    Providing adequate and timely information and guidance to other site operatives and visitors, is essential for a proper understanding of how to minimise, if not eliminate, risk for everyone accessing or impacted by each project.

  • Proper consideration of Welfare requirements are integral to good site H&S
    Agreeing site organisation influences the location of canteen, latrine, drying, hot and cold water, electricity and other essentials. Pre-determination of e.g. medical services, emergency services and access routes, is an organisational requirement

  • Collaboration with scaffolding and other equipment suppliers smooths erection needs
    Pre-agreeing scaffold design, timing of initial and adjustment provision together with e.g. lifting and security fencing requirements makes for a safer and more cost efficient site.

Be Safer with FastFrame Timber Frame Kits

Pay Less for your buildings
with our 'lean build' approach

Although we are happy to design, manufacture, supply and build whatever you want, we always offer you the opportunity to minimise costs by using industry standard materials and components.

Knowing what these are, of course, is one of our specialisations.

  • Constant monitoring of all existing and potential suppliers of our base materials for improvements, alternatives, and cost competitiveness is part of our procedures.
    This enables us to bring you the most advanced, best performing, value for money timber frame kits and systems available anywhere.

  • Working with architects and other designers, or designing for you in house, enables you to optimise such cost savings without compromising your design requirements.
    Many years of experience and expertise enables us to offer constructive suggestions that may not be immediately obvious to construction professionals from other sectors of the industry.

  • Selecting and supplying compatible materials and components to give your project a form of holistic sustainability, is one benefit of choosing us as your timber frame partner.
    Usually affecting design detailing, how materials and components ’work’ together, and how they will perform in practice is often part of our remit. We can suggest, select and supply everything from membranes and insulation, though roof coverings, wall claddings, windows and doors, to internal linings, stairs, flooring and other joinery.,

Pay Less with FastFrame Timber Frame Kits

Secure All Round Improvements for your Buildings
using our really airtight, low U-value, Robust Detail timber frame options

Whether you want a basic Building Regulation compliant structural shell, a Code for Sustainable Homes level 3 / 4, a Passive House standard, or Code 5 / 6 level home, our ‘Focus on Fabric’ can deliver it.

In most cases our default position is one of our standard timber frame kit specifications (there are 18 to choose from). But if you are looking for something special, including hybrid designs, our systems approach can produce what you are want with or without CE,(mandatory from July 2013), FSC, PEFC, or similar certification.

This includes Traditional Green Oak, Free Form Glulam, Post & Beam, Panelised, SIP, and similar structures.

  • U-values down to Passive House levels
    U-values for opaque elements (walls, ground floor, roof): max. 0.15 W/(m²K)
    U-values for windows (total for frame and glazing): max. 0.8 W/(m²K)
    Construction free of thermal bridging, Psi max.= 0.01 W/(mK)

  • Required heating output < 15 kWh/m²a
    With primary energy for heating, hot water and household appliances <120 kWh/m²a

  • Pressure tested air change n50 < 0,6 h-1
    That is to say with a pressure difference of 50 Pascal between inside and outside, the air current must come to less than 60% per hour of the building’s volume

  • Heat Recovery & Ventilation systems to suit your Target Energy Standard design/s
    Enables you to provide appropriate system for end user maintenance capabilities and running cost requirements

Beat all building codes with FastFrame Timber Frame Kits

Improve your profile with highly acclaimed, profitable projects
helped by our clear information, marketing aids & low maintenance timber frame kits

We’re working hard to make it easy for you to get and retain customers – profitably!

There really is no joy in ‘busting your guts’ to satisfy your customer’s every last wish unless you get real satisfaction from doing so. And that includes making a reasonable profit for your efforts.

We understand this better than most and, as a partner in your team to deliver this, we continue to develop services and aids to create ‘win-win’ solutions for each and every individual project. This includes:-

  • Viewing drawings as ‘communication tools’
    clearly explaining project detail, processes and requirements, to all project partners – including clients and their advisors – creates better understanding and goodwill from the outset..

  • Using 3D project modelling for clear discussion and analysis
    Being able to look at the plan form and structure of building projects help clients to understand what decisions they have to take and why. Invariably this speeds up the process and engenders collaboration, replacing confrontation with collaboration for the on-going project.

  • Working with your sales and marketing agents to produce high quality sales information and presentation images.
    Being originators of significant amounts of information makes us well ;placed to do this.

  • Collaborating in the promotion of your developments via, for example, our associate company Woodhouse Associates
    Your new homes, for example, can be quickly offered nationwide, both to test the market and effect sales introductions. They can also help in finding new land for development for you..

Faster Sales with Fast Frame Timber Frame Kits

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