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Today, designing for cost efficiency requires much, much more than considering the capital cost of a building. Today, to be considered competent, even a basic designer increasingly needs to be able to produce “Green Designs”;  designs which embrace global demands for low carbon, low energy, and low environmental impact buildings.

The whole business of building design has become – and is becoming – more and more complicated.  Building Regulations are pushing construction further and further toward Zero Carbon and improved environmental performance.

Comparative Costs

The increasing need to calculate and assess Life Cycle Costs (LCC) and the way in which new build and refurbishment designs impact on the environment is just one area of study. The need is to assess and analyse the trade-offs between initial Capital Costs and On-Going costs in a cost effective and transparent way both to:-

  • assess project feasibility
  • target performance ratings


Our aim is to simplify the procedure for our partners by selecting and using appropriate life cycle costing tools to help reduce a buildings carbon footprint, energy usage and overall relationship with its environment.

By assessing

  • Building Orientation
  • Foundation Design
  • Target Energy Efficiency of Design
  • Capital Costs –v- Lifetime Durability
  • Embodied Carbon –v- Operational Carbon
  • Comparative Component Performance

… we will help our partners understand the maintenance and durability characteristics of the materials and components that they propose to specify at the design stage of a building.

Shortage of Knowledge, Skills & Software

While this integrates with the Government’s drive toward Building Information Modelling (BIM), we are conscious that lack of skills, experience, expertise and time – as well as the current costs of software to achieve this, are a major barrier.  This is especially so for small building firms and professional practices.    

Early Stage Assessments

By carrying out affordable, early stage assessments for our partners, and pointing them to the on-going maintenance, operational, deconstruction & recycling, and ultimate demolition costs over the lifetime of their building, we aim to help them save time, money and waste in the whole design and build process.

We believe this will also assist them and their clients to measure overall sustainability of their building.

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