Off-Site Partnerships

Off-Site Construction Solutions

Throughout the UK and Europe, the advantages of choosing Fast Frame Systems for all forms of authority and commercial build projects is rapidly being recognised.

Why fastframe?

We work with forward-looking developers, local authorities, community groups, architects and commercial builders to provide specialist services and off-site construction solutions to build new schools, homes, developments, multi-party dwellings, flats, student accommodation and any other project.

Our fastframe consultants work with our clients to develop innovative and exciting tailored ‘off-site solutions’ packages combining specialist services such as building regulations and project coordinator services, with the design, supply and installation of the new structure. This, our clients find, is a cost-effective and flexible way of working together to suit your needs, and project resources.


"...this is a significant step forward in sustainable housing provision"

Paul Ellis, Chief Executive, The Ecology Building Society


Specialist, integrated services

As you will know, we have already developed a unique reputation for becoming specialist project partners, helping our clients solve problems throughout the conception, detail, planning and construction stages. As Chartered Surveyors, Building Consultants, and LABC Professional Partners, we provide an extensive service offering, including (but not exhaustive):

  • Property Development Consultancy
  • Modern Methods of Construction Consultancy
  • Acoustic Robust Detail Consultancy & Drawing Preparation
  • Site Visits, Consultations and Geological/Environmental Surveys
  • 3D Visualisation and Animation service for commercial build projects
  • Architectural Detailed Design Service
  • Town Planning Consultancy
  • Full Planning Services for commercial projects
  • Full Building Regulation Services for timber frame flats, developments and multi-party dwellings
  • Structural Engineering Services
  • Project Coordinator (Construction Design & Management) Services
  • Code for Sustainable Homes Consultancy Services
  • Impartial Inspections and Reports
  • Energy Assessments & Certification

All of this in-house expertise is available to our clients, as part of our package, if required, as well as the supply and installation of the fastframe structure.


South East UK Flats - Fast!


Optimising Construction Projects

While finding land to build on is, in itself, a difficult, time consuming and expensive exercise, as a developer it is only worth buying land if you can make a profit out of it. As surveyors and valuers, our experience as development consultants can give you the edge.We can help optimise your development plans for modern methods of construction - assess which site is right for you, what type of development it is best suited for, what the development mix should be, appropriate infrastructure costs, residual values, how to phase the development, and how you can best optimise your development returns.


Good Design Speeds Development

As partners of One Planet Products and members of the Home Builders Federation (HBF), we are fully aware of the need to turn round timber designs – for education, individual houses, estate development, and landscaping - as quickly a possible. [more]


Off Site Affordable Housing Solutions


Surveying & Planning for Better Buildings

Increasingly, to get the best value out of a site, you will need to design the development to take advantage of the orientation, slope, surrounding topography and other buildings, and so on. But to do so means that quite detailed site surveys are required at an early stage.

By combining our Project Coordinator services with sensitive environmental and spatial planning considerations, exceptionally good developments can – and will - result. For this to happen however, the buildings usually need to be individually designed for the site – again, this is where our partnership approach can help you.


Fuss-Free Consultations

As you can see, the fastframe team have an innate understanding of such things, borne out of long experience and professional capability. Our experience in both site surveys and planning applications is available to you, as and when required. Please feel free to consult us, without cost (first hour) or obligation, for your next development.


Joint Property Developments

Whether you are developing one house, a block of flats, a Housing Association social housing scheme, or a major private housing estate, we may be interested in engaging in a Joint Property Development project with you.

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