Building Foundations

Dimensionally accurate, level and sound foundations are an essential requirement for any off-site pre-fabricated structural envelope. Working to factory tolerances is something that many 'wet build' contractors find strange if not difficult or even impossible. Many years of often frustrating experiences advicing and guiding third party ground work and foundation contractors on preparing substructures to receive timber frame buildings has repeatedly emphasised this to us.

Energy Effective Foundations

However, 21st  Century building takes this all to a higher level. Besides accuracy we now require high levels of insulation. Furthermore this needs to be combined with the avoidance of thermal bridging (cold bridging), both at perimeters, and penetrations, e.g. for services. To acheive this, our starting point is the selection of low cost, low lanfill, low carbon, low 'deconstruction', demolition, removal and recyclable solutions.

Integrating Elements 

Integrating the design and specification of foundations with the design and specification of the superstructure fabric is therefore a most important consideration. Assessing the economic costs and practical feasibility of both in relation to each and every specific site, is no less important. As your fabric partners we aim to provide valuable insights and suggestions to help value engineer one or more appropriate solutions.

Site & Project Specific Alternatives

Ground conditions - topography, soil, groundwater, ancient landfill, bearing capacities, basements and so on - are all important determinants of the type and design of foundation to be used.

Gone are the days of strip foundations for everything. This is especially true when developers have the opportunity to use (relatively) lightweight superstructures like timber frame. In themselves these offer the opportunity to revisit the design and engineering of foundations, potentially resulting in a variety of time and cost savings.

This applies to all sizes and type of building, from small extensions, through domestic and low-rise residential development, to sizable multi storey commercial and industrial buildings.

These now have to be considered in conjunction with the need to achieve energy efficiency in construction, operation, maintenance, deconstruction, demolition and recycling of the foundations as part of the total building envelope.


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