Wall Insulation

We are able to provide the following insulation systems with our wall panels

Although mainly suited for new building projects, this unique system has been specially developed to capture recover heat that would otherwise be lost through the walls and recycle this back to the inside of the building using passive, or low energy methods of heat recovery.

Jablite Dynamic Frame Insulation

Using Jablite Dynamic Frame Insulation, a form of hollow, or twin wall, rigid foam insulation panel for thermal insulation and heat recovery, and timber frame for the structure, the special channels are provided for fresh ventilation air to enter the building and be pre-warmed as it does so. This reduces energy demand by lowering the space heating needed.

Providing U Values as low as 0.1 - 0.18 W/m2K in a 140 stud, it is available in 115mm and 140mm thicknesses, this Energyflo Construction Technologies idea lets you achieve more economical build and development costs using a thinner envelope. BBA Certified, it complies with Code 4 for Social Housing, and has SAP approval.

Claimed as ‘Better than Zero Carbon”, Tradical Hemcrete is a hybrid construction system that combines Hemp – itself a wood fibrous material – with timber frame to create highly thermally efficient, walls and roofs for sound structural envelopes. 

Hemp is a fast growing fibrous ‘woody’ material that is harvested annually. Like trees, as it grows it sequestrates (locks up) carbon in its cellular structure and ‘breathes out’ oxygen into the atmosphere. When used as a building product this work with the rest of the building to combat climate change.

Tradical Hemcrete Hemp Insulation

Source: Tradical Hemcrete Power Point

Using a ‘moving’ shutter system, the lime-hemp mortar is lightly packed around the timber frame in circa 1 metre ‘lifts’. Quick drying allows the temporary shuttering to be moved up to the next level within around 24 hours. When fully removed, the ‘cured’ Hemcrete provides an excellent surface for direct render or a range of claddings.   

Tradical Hemcrete Hemp Insulation

Source: Tradical website

Developed by Lhoist companies across Europe for over 15 years, this BBA approved material uses structural timber frame construction for walls and roofs (if required) to deliver air tight, highly insulated external envelopes with good thermal conductivity and excellent thermal inertia.

This BBA approved system was developed by the Walker Timber Group.  It is a closed-panel hybrid system of standard timber frame panels, closed on both sides with OSB and then pressure injected with a special foam insulation to deliver exceptional thermal insulation.

Based on vegetable oil extracts, this foam insulation adds to the environmental sustainable characteristics of any building in which it is incorporated.

Offering the combined benefits of structural timber frame and rigid foam insulation, these can be used for floors, walls and roofs to provide the entire structural envelope. Providing excellent air tightness, they can also be used as infill panels with most other forms of construction and for refurbishment, for example in listed buildings. 

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